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Navigating the Website.

L.P., May 18, 11 10:15 PM.
 So Many Pages What Do I Use?

There are many things to enjoy here on the Gangster Paradise website. I am working hard every day to maintain what you see now, and to add new things to use and do here on the website. Every time you view the website, your boosting your activity within the Guild, and thus your earning yourself a better reputation as an active and participating member. 

Heres just a few key things to do here on the website:

1) Add your characters via the Roster page. (Remember to add your classes also, and don't forget you can write a bio on every character you have!)

2) Check the Forum page for news, promotions, media, guides, PvP teams, and general discussions.

3) Check your Gangster Credit balance, and then pay a visit to the General Store to spend your paycheck! (Yes we pay you in DKP which = Gangster Credit each week and all you have to do is keep us company!)

4) The Gangster Schedule will keep you up to date on major events and things happening within the entire server you play on. Check daily, for new events within the Guild and promotional, and non-promotional events hosted by Aeria Games & Team Shaiya as well.

5) Your on either the Home page or the Officer & Council page right now. Yeah thats right we're watching you..take a look around you may be missing your chance to vote for "Thug of the Month" or that funny image that just flashed through our Gallery!

If you have any questions or concerns about anything you see on the Gangster Paradise website please contact me immediately. 

PLEASE NOTE: The Gangster Paradise website is not rated. All content you see or read here is at the discretion of the viewer. The discussions, images, and content on this website is monitored and administrated by the Officers and Website Manager. Contact information for them can be found on via the Roster or Forum page.

New Aeria Points Promotion!!!!! Great Deal Info Here !

L.P., May 17, 11 4:17 AM.
 Aeria Points - Spend 1 Get 12000 AP In Items!

Aeria Games has done it again! Starting as of Friday, May 13th if you buy and spend just 1 AP (Buy more and can spend more then 1) You get the following items:

Lvl 33 Cape - War / Guard
Lvl 33 Cape - Hunter / Sin
Lvl 33 Cape - Oracle / Pagan

Lvl 33 Cape - Fighter / Defender 
Lvl 33 Cape -  Archer / Ranger
Lvl 33 Cape - Priest / Mage

Lvl 1 Mount - Fury
Lvl 1 Mount - Alliance

1 Skill Reset Stone
1 Stat Reset Stone

1 24 Hour Exp Stone

All of the items above, will be found in your bank just wait 24 - 48 hours and check your bank and your done! Remember all of these items are free, so they are non-trade able. For the alliance of light items, simply leave them in your bank, make a light character on another sever, remove them from your bank and put them in the WareHouse on that character for later use!

PvP - The Ultimate Adrenaline Rush :O

Tali4Tali, May 12, 11 6:37 PM.
Join a Gangster PvP Team Today
Tired of getting crushed by the Alliance of Light?? Just bored, tired of killing all by yourself?? Well we have the solution!Here in Gangster Paradise there are 3 PvP teams (1 for each low level zone, and 1 for the high level zones) for you to choose from. You can join our elite 1-15 PF, 20 - 30 Canta, and 31 - 70 teams today and never have to go out alone again! Now off to the forums with ya :P to find which PvP team suits you best!

Guild Battle!

Tali4Tali, Apr 29, 11 5:28 AM.
Gangster Battle

Are you tough enough to stand up toe to toe with your fellow Guild members and fight to the death ? If your not sure, now is a good time to find out. If you are sure your ready, now is a good time to prove it! This is an event i have been holding for quite some time now, and i trust that it will find its glory here in Gangster Paradise! Matched up in level ranged battles, you will fight fight fight until theres nobody left and reap the ultimate reward. You only get one shot, you die your out so make sure to bring your best character and your A game before stepping into the field.

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Gangster Paradise is a private guild. We only accept members that have met outstanding expectations or have been invited by Officers or Council members. If you have not been invited, or are unsure if you meet the expectations email an Officer and find out what you can do to join GP.
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